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To show our appreciation for our community, Building Brands Marketing will choose one lucky winner to receive a custom, 5-page website valued at $2,500! The winner will be announced on November 15, 2021 over social media and email. Entries end on November 14 at midnight CST.

Disclaimer: By submitting your entry you are agreeing to receive marketing communications from Building Brands Marketing. The winner will be responsible for purchasing their own domain URL.  Each page beyond 5 pages will be billed at $500/page.  If an advertiser chooses to host the website with BBM after launch, the cost is $25 per month.

Enter To Win - $2,500 Value

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Web Design Services

In today’s world, your website is often the first impression a potential customer has with you. Is it giving the right impression? Get a website design that is right for your customers and makes a difference for your business.

It is no secret, that even if you’re not an e-commerce business, an effective website is a necessity. We make sure your website is optimized to ensure that you’re reaching the right people, whether they’re using a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop.


Why a Good Website is Important

Did you know 63% of customers won’t buy from an ugly, unprofessional website? It makes sense. Visitors tie their impression of your website to their impression of your brand. If your website is unprofessional/outdated, they assume you too must be unprofessional/outdated. That’s why we create websites that represent your brand in a modern, unique way that is sure to wow your visitors.

In the digital era, it’s important to have a website that not only represents your brand but also is an asset used to grow your business. If you have a beautiful website that isn’t optimized to lead visitors to a phone call, contact form, or purchase, then you’re still missing out on a large pool of potential customers. We work with you to determine the actions that matter most to your business then build your new website around that goal.



When Do You Need A New Website?

Low Conversion Rate

Are people visiting your website, but not getting in contact with you? If this sounds familiar, then your website might be unclear, unappealing, or tricky to navigate. Leading your visitors to leave and hop on over to your competitor.

High Bounce Rate

Bounce rates are determined by how many visitors load your website, but leave after visiting only one page. It is normal to have a bounce rate of around 50%. However, if it’s over 70%, then that’s a sign your website is missing the mark. A few causes of high bounce rates are slow loading times, ugly layouts, and unclear messaging.

Not Mobile-Friendly

It’s no surprise that mobile phones have taken over the world and now consist of a large majority of website traffic. If you’re not catering to mobile devices, you’re not only driving away potential customers, but Google will also suppress your website in mobile search results, costing you free traffic and recognition.

Slow Loading Speed

Visitors expect your website to load in 3 seconds or less. If your website is taking longer, then you’re losing more and more customers with every second. A few causes of slow website speeds include poorly written code, slow server response times, not properly utilizing cache, and loading too many files.

It Doesn’t Look Good

This is one of the most telltale signs you’re in need of a new website. An unattractive website can make your business look unprofessional and appear out of touch. You need a website that works for today’s consumers.


Meet Our Team

We are local marketing specialists, developers, and designers ready to help you
and your business.

Robert Royer


Alex Richardson

VP of Operations

Ruben Vera

Creative Director

Micah Riffle

Media Production Director

Roslyn Faust

Director of Client Relations

Fe Vela Royer

Lead Social Media Strategist

Ammar Ul Haq

Lead Developer

Alex Bonorden

Lead Developer

Caden Allen

Digital Marketing Intern

Mark Almaguer

Videographer / Editor

Tyler Bouton

Junior Developer

Cash Colligan

Digital Marketing Specialist

Caitlin Dempsey

Marketing Consultant

Kerrah Henneke

Media Analyst

Jaira Jenkins

Digital Marketing Specialist

Christina Liu

Digital Marketing Specialist

Courtney Montalvo

Digital Marketing Specialist

Jared Okona

Marketing Consultant

Hadley Ollendieck

Marketing Assistant

Braden Popp

Marketing Consultant

Cade Riggs

Digital Marketing Associate

Danny Rios

Software Programmer  

Nina Rodriguez

Social Media Strategist

Alex Shu

Multimedia Specialist

Pau Silva

Graphic Designer

Catt Wolf

Office Administrator

Katey Yasenchack

Graphic Designer

Web Design faqs

Frequently Asked Questions

We will announce the winner on November 15 on social media and email. 

Yes! Our award winning team will design and develop a uniquely amazing website all for free!

After the website has been developed, if you would like Building Brands Marketing to host the website, then the investment is $25/month.

Short answer: It depends. A quick landing page refresh can take less than a week, while a custom-designed website with Spanish translations can take several months. 

Your project manager will discuss your goals and needs to set a projected timeline taking into account reviews and iterations.

You don’t need to be a tech expert to take over your new website. We offer continued maintenance plans for all clients that include hosting on a speed and security optimized server for $25/month after the website is ready.

However, you are welcome to host your website wherever you like. Unlike other web design firms, when you build a website with Building Brands Marketing, You Own It.

After completing your sparkly new website, we offer continued maintenance plans that include monthly development and design hours. You can communicate any changes to your project manager, who will work with our in-house developers to make the change. No Technical Expertise Required!

If you or someone on your in-house team has development experience, you will have full-rights access to make any changes to your website.

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