5 Ways to Use Unified Marketing Software

Embracing Unified Marketing

What is Unified Marketing?  Unified Marketing Software allows you to continuously coordinate nearly all aspects of your business within one area. You no longer need to have multiple different software programs to manage your business. Track inbound and outbound calls, texts, and emails between you and your customers, monitor payments and billing, manage your calendar, store your database of contacts, track billing, gain more online reviews, and even automate nearly all of your communication all within one unified system!

1: Customer Relationship Management 

While human interaction is a must for businesses, no business should rely solely on human labor to send thousands of emails and texts every day to try and gain leads. It’s simply a waste of time and money. With unified marketing software, you can automatically send your previous customers happy birthday messages, holiday greetings, promotions, and much more with an automated customer relationship management system, utilizing bulk text messaging and emailing. 

With automation, you can take your current list of customers and narrow down the list by sending repeat emails, texts, etc. to see which customers remain engaged with your content. This will eventually lead to helping you find the “diamond in the rough” as stated by – The Mission Suite

2: Call Tracking & Reporting

Customer Service is one of the customer’s number one complaints with most companies. Keep track of all your inbound and outbound calls, and listen to recorded conversations for future customer service training. With unified marketing software, you can eliminate the headache of missed calls, text messages, and email, and let the system respond automatically.

You can even track how many sales you are making by phone. Invoca Blog says, “conversational analytics can be used to analyze the language used in the call to tell if you bought anything, got a quote, made an appointment — or what marketers like to call a conversion.” With this technology, you can train more effectively by reviewing calls and learning from the conversations that are leading to more sales and vice versa. 


3: Calendar Management

With integrated calendars, you can now stop saying, “let me check my calendar” and let your computer do it for you. Simply send a calendar link, or add the link to your website and let the customer book an available time on your calendar. All calendars linked to your unified software will automatically show the customer available times and save you the headache of scheduling. 


4: Billing and Payments 

Want to automatically send clients billing reminders, and make sure you are paid on time? Billing and payments can now be integrated into your Customer Relationship Manager, which will automatically send your clients billing reminders. Not only will it remind them of certain billing and payments, but it will also help you manage budgets, and plan for projects and different aspects of your business. 

5: Review Management

Online reviews are huge for gaining the customer’s trust and growing your business’s reputation. Are you lacking online reviews? You can automatically bulk send a review link to past customers and gain reviews quickly and easily using built-in online review management. 

The End Result

The end result is that without unified marketing software you will be losing out on the opportunity of streamlining your business. Is your current workflow working? Most likely it is doing the job, but to get the job done more efficiently and effectively implementing a unified marketing software to help automate your process will make a significant difference.

Whether you are trying to focus more on sales, manage billing more accurately, or improve time management, this is the software that will do it all in one place. So rather than learning multiple different software programs and having to deal with several different customer service agencies, do it all with one platform with unified marketing software. To learn more about our software or set up an account, schedule a consultation with me HERE

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  1. What an incredible article! I never knew anything about unified marketing softwears. Advertising on Instagram is exhausted, real likes on instagram are hard to get. Now rather than going on those details I will do it the advertisment with unfied marketing software. Im so excitied, cant waittttt 🙂

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