Social Media Marketing


What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is crucial due to its ability to reach a vast and diverse audience efficiently. It enables businesses to engage directly with their customers, boosting brand awareness, driving sales, and enhancing customer relationships. For example, almost four out of five Americans use Facebook alone. People log into social media to find out the latest trends, news and to talk to their loved ones. As a business owner, you want your marketing campaign to be where all of the people are.

By placing advertisements on social media, you can reach potential consumers in an environment where they are more likely to engage. People can interact with your company’s page, chat with your customer service representatives, and like your posts. Unlike traditional advertising, social media marketing is inexpensive to get started.


Types of Social Media

When you use Facebook, you can technically advertise your company for free. Facebook offers paid and organic content. Organic posts are free to publish, but they only reach a select audience. Unlike paid posts, organic posts are only shown to your Facebook fans.

Paid posts can reach any audience you want. You can tailor your ads so that they target specific geographic areas or customer demographics. Because of this, paid ads are an important part of your marketing campaign. There are several types of advertisements you can use on Facebook.

While we concentrate heavily on Facebook advertising, we also offer a full suite of social media advertising, including but not limited to: Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, and Pinterest.


Social Media Services We Offer

By utilizing data for consumer intent and consumer interest, our consultants
offer social media marketing strategies that can effectively reach your target audience.

Photo Ads
A photo ad can be designed with a link, headline and text. A call-to-action button nudges viewers to learn more or to contact your company.
Video Ads
Short and long videos are great for engaging your viewers. These videos automatically appear and play in the viewer’s news feed.
Canvas Ads
Canvas ads are designed to be extremely interactive. Made for mobile users, these ads can incorporate content like infographics, images and videos.
Lead Generation Ads
Facebook allows you to design campaigns that generate leads. These campaigns encourage people to fill out a form with all of their contact information.


Benefits of Advertising on Social Media Marketing

Design is a huge part of marketing, and we’ve helped many different businesses design their websites that not only look good, but that also deliver results. Take a look at a few of our successful designs created by our team at Building Brands Marketing.

Grow Your Brand

Even if customers do not click on your ad, your advertisements are still extremely useful for your company. Each time a customer sees your ad, it reminds them of your business. Because they are more familiar with your brand, they are more likely to buy from your company in the future.

Engage With Customers

Facebook advertising helps you engage with your audience in a personal way. Your audience can easily interact by commenting on your posts or liking your page. They can participate in contests and learn about your company's promotions.

Target The Right Audience

With Facebook advertising, you can grow your audience. You can target a specific demographic based on their location, demographics and other factors. By doing this, you can make the most of your marketing budget.


Why Should You Advertise With Building
Brands Marketing?

Results-Driven Advertising

We define the message you are trying to convey to your audience, and we create a script that will match this message. We then determine the “Who” and “Where” for your video in relation to who or what will be featured in the video and the location(s) where the video shoot will take place.

Transparent Reporting Dashboard

When it comes to online marketing, your results matter. We use data to inform our marketing campaigns and achieve your objectives. Whether you want more sales or better traffic, we will optimize your marketing campaign to reach your company’s goals.

Precise Audience Building

With traditional ads, you end up wasting money on people who aren’t your target audience. Facebook advertising allows you to target specific demographics. Instead of spending money on viewers in another state, you can focus on people who can actually become potential clients in your area.

Hands-Free Campaign Management

You need to focus on running your business instead of dealing with an ad campaign. Our agency handles all of the details of setting up and managing your campaign. Then, we carefully analyze your campaign’s results and make adjustments until it excels.

Renowned Support

You need a world-class campaign without any hassles or stress. We can help. Whether you have a question or want to make an adjustment to your campaign, real people are here to answer your call and give you the help you need.

No Contracts

We deliver results for our clients, so we don’t need contracts to keep them on board. You can learn more about our services with a free consultation. Afterward, you can pick the services you want without having to sign a contract.

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