Agency of Record Services Case Study

Agency of Record Services Case Study


The Law Office of Brian Michael Cromeens is a general practice attorney located in Cuero, TX serving South Texas. Prior to partnering with our marketing company, the law firm had been working with a law firm specialized marketing agency that charged them $3,200 per month for approximately 12 to 15 phone call leads. Seeking a more cost-effective solution, they approached us to help them achieve better results.

Our team implemented a comprehensive marketing strategy that included a variety of tactics to improve their online presence and generate leads. We began by redesigning their website to ensure a strong user experience that effectively communicated their services and brand message. Our team also optimized the website for search engines to improve its visibility in online search results.

To drive more traffic to the website, we developed and executed targeted Facebook and Google ad campaigns, as well as organic social media management to engage with the law firm’s followers and build a community around their brand. Additionally, we helped the law firm create and run a television advertising campaign to reach a broader audience in their local area.

In the first month of running the entire marketing campaign after the website launch, our team was able to generate 44 unique phone call leads for the law firm, even after subtracting return callers. This was a significant improvement from their previous marketing efforts, with a lower monthly management cost of $2,500.

In conclusion, our team was able to deliver exceptional results for The Law Office of Brian Michael Cromeens by leveraging a range of marketing tactics, including website design, search engine optimization, social media management, and advertising campaigns. Our efforts helped the law firm increase its visibility, generate more leads, and ultimately grow its business in a cost-effective manner.

I have been impressed by this company’s service and results. Highly recommend.

Brian Cromeens

How We Did It

Targeted Audience Segments

As The Club’s marketing strategy evolved, BBM and The Club developed content which targets two distinct audiences:

Defined Strategy & Budget

We first had to put together a comprehensive marketing strategy with a defined budget clearing defining our KPIs, The most prominent of which being increasing the number of calls received.  Needing to develop a strategy that would predominantly gain the law office more traffic, we here at BBM felt that redesigning and optimizing their online presence was imperative. 

Search Engine Optimization

When we first took over the law office’s website, one of the first, glaring issues we noticed was the lack of search engine optimization, or SEO. SEO is what will allow users to find your website more easily. We increased their SEO score to be better than nearly every other law office in the area, making their office often appear at the top of the first page of google searches. This has obviously been imperative in achieving the goals we set out to reach and has been essential in driving more traffic to the office.

A New Website

Screenshot of the New Home Page
Screenshot of the New Contact Form

When we first started working with the Cromeens Law Office, we immediately saw a huge opportunity for growth in the way of their website. The old version was not conducive to engagement and lacked many calls to action. We Redesigned the website to what it is today, closely working with the office to create the professional site that can be seen today, here:

This website was built to encourage those in need of law office services to call, allowing them full capability to contact with their team quickly and effectively. The newly designed website not only had a strong call-to-action for users, it also effectively communicated relevant information to help potential clients to reach a decision. 

Using Video & Photography To Tell Stories

The course is a beautiful course.  The members make The Club a place everyone wants to be.  Our team knew these were two stories that needed to be told:

A Search Strategy

We needed an effective, detail-oriented search strategy which would better capture prospects already searching for our services. Terms provided such as “golf course near me” or “event venue near me”  helped to develop a cognizant and practical Google/Bing Pay-Per-Click campaign. We were able to bid on target keywords to gain more qualified traffic to our website that was now built to convert.  In addition to this, we optimized our Google My Business profile to have stronger ranking in the Local 3 Pack, obtaining more organic search traffic in our region.

Utilizing Social Media Advertising for Prospecting & Retargeting

Not only did we want to use social media to build awareness and gain new prospects for membership and events, but we showcased some of the stories we put together through our production strategies in order to retarget individuals in the prospect pipeline to drive them through the funnel to convert.

The Traditional Layer

In a market like Victoria, Texas, it was important we continued to deploy a layered marketing approach that utilized a traditional marketing layer to build brand awareness and stay top-of-mind among the Crossroads community.  We utilized a digital billboard rotation in order to increase awareness and member engagement through event promotions.

The End Result

After working with Brian Michael Cromeens’ Law office, we were able to drive their phone-call leads up over 300% within the first month. There are no signs of slowing down either as they continue to work to serve South Texas while we work to ensure that they are set to dominate the market.

Set For The Future

Many law practices recognize the importance in having a strong digital footprint for success in overall operations. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, The Law Office of Brian Michael Cromeens’ website and inbound marketing strategies will continue to play an ever-important role in increasing prominence around getting new clients and retaining clients through an easily referenceable website and increased online presence and prominence. Building Brands Marketing is excited to be a valued partner, guiding and collaborating together with The Law Office of Brian M. Cromeens to continue these successes.

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