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Cash Colligan has joined the #BBMCommUNITY in the role of Digital Marketing Specialist. Colligan is a multifaceted digital marketing professional who started his career in 2009, after a successful music career post-high school. He has a keen understanding of digital brand strategy, which has allowed him to help numerous companies to build their online presence and achieve their business goals. His expertise in search engine optimization is particularly noteworthy, as he has been able to help clients improve their online visibility and generate more organic traffic to their websites. Colligan will be assisting clients at Building Brands Marketing in all areas of digital marketing from improved search visibility and lead generation to increasing customer conversions and user experiences.

In addition to his work in digital marketing, Cash Colligan has a deep love for blockchain technology. He is passionate about the potential that this technology has to revolutionize the way we store and transfer value, and has spent time educating others about the benefits of blockchain. He is also an avid mixed martial arts fan and has attended numerous live MMA events. Outside of work, he is a strong advocate for autism acceptance initiatives and is committed to raising awareness about this important issue.

With his deep understanding of digital brand strategy, search engine optimization, and performance data analysis, he is well-equipped to help companies achieve success in the digital realm.

Digital Marketing Specialist

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