Video & Audio Production

Video & Audio Production

Multimedia Production

Every successful business begins with a story. Our team of commercial video producers can create a high-quality production that tells the story of your brand. Videos are a popular tool for traditional video placement on television, enhance your website, engage users across social media, and increase your online reach using YouTube or online video placement.

Our video production team handles it all from start to finish, including development and pre-production, talent acquisition, production, editing, and distribution.


What We Offer

Video Production

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Industries We Serve

Design is a huge part of marketing, and we’ve helped many different businesses design their websites that not only look good, but that also deliver results. Take a look at a few of our successful designs created by our team at Building Brands Marketing.


By its very nature, advertising for the healthcare industry is unique. It requires the right tone to be merged with a caring attitude to work. That is why our healthcare videos strive to engage, soothe, and educate viewers.


Bring your school to life with a short, professionally produced video, celebrating who you are as a school. Show off your mascot, interview your teachers, and instill school pride in your students.


In the restaurant industry, visuals are everything. Show off the ambiance and mouth-watering dishes of your restaurant.

Home Services

Whether you do roofing, fencing, painting, or landscaping, let a video show off the beauty of your work.


Getting your message across isn't as easy these days. If you're looking to educate, inform, or train, you need to appeal to the individual's senses. We'll work with you to capture the essence of your message and bring it to life.

Anything Else

Maybe you're a boutique with a fantastic facility that people need to see or a yoga instructor who is looking to provide virtual lessons to your clients. Whatever industry or need you have, we have the experience and tools to bring your message to life and show your business's visual appeal.


Video Production Process

Our video production process typically happens in five steps:

Planning & Story

We define the message you are trying to convey to your audience, and we create a script that will match this message. We then determine the “Who” and “Where” for your video in relation to who or what will be featured in the video and the location(s) where the video shoot will take place.


We begin time lining the actual shoot and preparing our shot locations related to the script and/or storyboard. We also schedule any respective talent and transcribe the approved script/storyboard into the various shots, angles, lighting scenarios, and lens choices.


Now, we are executing and bringing those ideas together in the first steps of this process to life. Our director(s) will help coach your team behind the camera and ensure your production conveys person ability. We offer a teleprompter for assistance in the delivery of your message.

Post Production
& Editing

This step is the most tedious but the most essential. It can be a lengthy process, but at this point, we are dropping in the music, performing the video cutting, color correction, special effects, editing, and all the other steps it takes to turn a raw video into a production masterpiece.

(If Desired)

The beauty of working with a marketing consulting agency is you can leverage our experience and relationships to place your video after it is produced. Our media buying team will consult with you to understand your target audience and make recommendations on the best areas for your brand messaging placement.

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