Building Brands Marketing Welcomes Tiarah Figueroa as Multi-Media Marketing Intern

Tiarah Figueroa, a UHV senior communications major, has joined the team at Building Brands Marketing and serves as a Multi-Media Marketing Intern. Figueroa has made a mark, both at UHV serving as president of the Student Government Association for two years consecutively, as well as making a mark in Victoria with her involvement in the community.

Figueroa is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in communication with a minor in humanities. During her time as president of the UHV SGA, Figueroa served as the student representative on the UHV President’s Cabinet and was involved in several university committees, including the Diversity and Race Task Force and the COVID-19 Task Force.

In her new role as the multi-media intern at BBM, Figueroa will work closely with writers and designers to develop targeted social media and strategic storytelling campaigns. She will also cut content for the production team to move into post-production editing, measure and report on digital marketing campaigns, brainstorm new creative strategies with the team, collaborate on websites, create and edit compelling content, and more.

“We are over the moon to welcome a rising star in the communications field to work in our office this summer as a multi-media intern. Tiarah has already made a mark at UHV and we are looking forward to seeing her make a mark at BBM and gain some on-the-job experience, thus better preparing her for the workforce,” said Robert Royer, Founder/President of Building Brands Marketing. “She is smart, engaging and a self-starter; exactly the kind of intern we are looking for at BBM,” said Royer. 

“I am excited to work with such a talented team and am thrilled to get the experience that will help launch my career in this field,” said Tiarah Figueroa, Multi-Media Intern for Building Brands Marketing. 

If you would like to contact Tiarah Figueroa, feel free to email her at [email protected].

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